How to Make Patches with Embroidery Machine? 2022

An embroidery patch or cloth badge is a piece of cloth produced with fabric backing and thread. Patches can be made in a variety of methods, however the best way is to make them with an embroidery machine. Because, in my experience, it is the easiest and most efficient method.

How to make patches with an embroidery machine is the most commonly asked question which I receive from people. So, today, I’ll explain to you the simplest methods for making patches that I’ve used throughout my embroidery career. So take a look and get some expert tips on making embroidery simple, even if you’re a newbie.

how to make patches with embroidery machine

What to do with iron-on patches?


Uses of embroidery patch:

Military Patches:-

To make the name, rank, and other information more prominent on military uniforms.

military patches

Sport Patches:-

Teams show their logos on their jerseys, trousers, and hats.

sports embroidery patches

Racing Clubs:-

Competing bike and car racing clubs display their logos and symbols on leather jackets.

racing embroidered patch

Boys/Girls Scout Patches:-

Scout’s uniform is almost similar to military uniform, so they also make their name and other information noticeable.

scouts embroidery patches

Public Awareness:

To make awareness like breast cancer, black lives matter, etc., organizations in a sense use patches on clothes, backpacks, shopping bags, or in a frame.

awareness embroidery patches

Students Badges:

Instead of wearing steel or plastic badges, school and colleges now prefer to show embroidery patches on students’ uniforms.

school uniform logo patches

Brand Patches:

You might have seen that brand companies try hard to make their logo a public symbol by showing them on their transport, billboards, and social media. Like that, they also display logos on their staff shirts and hats.

brand patches

How to make embroidered patches with embroidery machine?

For public awareness about the importance of trees, I decided to make a badge to promote the slogan “Let it grow.” So let’s start!


To start, I hoop my hoop with two water-soluble stabilizers. Keep in mind to use a fabric texture, not a film texture.

embroidery patches


We used cardstock, but a cereal box or something similar would also work. Tape the piece of paper so that it does not move while stitching.

hoop embroidery patch


Select the design from the embroidery machine. Start the machine without putting the thread in the needle so that you have exact footprints to cut the fabric. It’s better to use an older needle for this step.

The machine may stop after some stitches because there is no thread in the needle. That’s ok; just press start again to continue.

stitching embroidery patch


After you’ve finished the process, you can cut out the paper using the holes as a guide. You can now use the template to trace your fabric.

Trace as many pieces as you want and cut out the fabric.

patches by embroidery machine        machine embroidery patch


To start the embroidery, first, sew the position stitch on the stabilizer. Then spray the temporary fabric adhesive on the back so that it sticks with the stabilizer. Place it exactly over the position stitch and start the machine.

stitching patch      embroidery patch


When your embroidery is completed, cut all the jump stitches with embroidery scissors. Cut away the excess stabilizer trimming close to the edge of the patch. If any other stabilizer is left, apply warm water with your fingers on it.

embroidering patches    removing jump stitches

Want the patch to be an iron-on?


If you want the patch to be an iron-on, use the same template to trace on iron-on backing and cut.

iron-on patches


Make sure to match the shiny side to the back of the patch.

iron-on patches made with embroidery machine


To protect the design, use a pressing cloth and iron from both the back and front.

pressing iron-on patches


Once the patch is cooled, remove the backing and trim the edges.

how to make an embroidery patch


If the edges of your patch are rough, you can clean them up more with a lighter and hot knife.

So here is a perfect patch made with an embroidery machine explained in the easiest steps; even beginners can do it!!

embroidery patch

Frequently Ask Questions:

What type of stabilizer should it be?

Just a regular stabilizer used in embroidery having a perfect size with your hoop. But remember to have a fabric stabilizer, not a film texture.

How do you make a Cricut or chenille patch?

No matter which type of patch you are going to embroider. If it is circle, square, triangle, Cricut, chenille or whatever it is. Follow the same steps, and every patch will be perfect.

Patch design websites?

Is this a long-lasting patch?

Yes, if you follow the above instructions carefully, the patch will last for many years.

How to clean the edges?

Generally, due to the stabilizer, the edges of the patch are not clean, even cutting them with a scissor. So it’s better to burn the edges with a lighter or hot knife.


This was the complete tutorial on using an embroidery machine for manufacturing patches. These methods are simple to comprehend and perform, even if you are a beginner. These steps are based on my embroidery experience. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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