How to do a Blanket Stitch? Ways Even beginners can do in First Attempt!

Need a simple project to crochet, but don’t know how? A blanket stitch is a perfect way to get your crochet fingers moving.

Blanket Stitch is a wonderful stitch to learn when crocheting, knitting, or quilting. It’s also a popular stitch used by embroidery and applique artists. This tutorial is designed to teach you how to do a blanket stitch. You don’t need to be an expert needlework artist to master this technique. All you need to do is to practice a little bit every day. Once you learn the basic skills of making this stitch, you will be ready to try your hand at other projects, such as needlepoint and cross-stitch.

How to make a blanket stitch?


There are many ways to make a blanket stitch. Some require very specific materials, while others can be achieved using some inexpensive materials found around your home. So I will definitely go for the method which do not require hard work or expensive items. Have a look!!

Sewing along the Edges- Single Layer:


Thread the needles and tie a knot at the end. Begin by moving your needle from the rear.

how to make a blanket stitch


To anchor the stitch, poke up from the back again, so that it comes out the top at the same location where you began, producing a loop or circle around the border.

steps to make blanket stitch


Thread your needle through the loop stitch you just created. To achieve this, insert the needle beneath the sideways stitch at the border of the fabric. This secures your thread, but it is not a genuine first stitch.

blanket stitch making


Push your needle down from the top to begin your first blanket stitch. Finish your first stitch by bringing your needle up from the back and through the thread loop. Before tightening this stitch, make sure your needle is through the thread loop.

how to do a blanket stitch for beginners

Sewing Along the Edges- Double Layer:


Tie a knot in the tail of your needle. Begin by pushing your needle through the bottom layer and between the two layers.

how to sew a blanket stitch


Push your needles down from the top layer so that it pops out through the bottom to secure the stitch.

making of blanket stitch


Send your needle through the loop stitch you just created. To achieve this, insert the needle horizontally along the gap between both the two layers.

steps for making blanket stitch


Now do the same process which you learned in step 4 of single layer blanket stitch.

blanket stitch process

How to End the stitches?

If you have finished your project, it’s time to end your stitches. Use either a blanket stitch or a chain stitch to finish your blanket stitch. Then press the stitches. You can use either a presser foot or a handheld one to press your stitches. When you finish the blanket stitch, it’s ready for blocking. Now you have learned about the simple process of making a blanket stitch.

Tips for doing a blanket stitch?

1. You want to make sure that the edges of your blanket stitch are even. If you use scraps, you can make sure that the edges of the blanket stitch are even.

2. If you are using a  that is too thick, it can be hard to make a clean blanket stitch. A needle can be used to fix this problem.

3. You can use different sizes of needles for blanket stitches. You want to make sure that you are using a needle that is big enough to handle the yarn and small enough to make the blanket stitch.

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4. The yarn should be pulled tightly as you are working the blanket stitch. This will ensure that the blanket stitch is uniform.

5. The more stitches you use, the thicker the finished piece will be.

6. Make sure the thread or yarn you’re using to make the stitches is strong and durable.

7. Use a needle that’s appropriate for the material you’re working with.

8. Start sewing near one of the edges and work your way around the whole piece.

Advanteges and Disafvanteges of blanket stitch:


1-Easy to learn


3-Can be used for any kind of sewing


1-Not very decorative

2-Can take a lot of practice

3-Takes more than one try


Q1: What’s the difference between blanket stitch and chain stitch?

The blanket stitch is the most prevalent style of stitching. This is a basic stitch that includes stitching together two pieces of cloth. You can use this stitch to sew the top and bottom of a quilt or to sew pieces of fabric together.

Q2: How do I make sure the stitches are even?

A: You can check your stitches by looking at the fabric on the backside. If they are uneven, then you can fix them by pulling the fabric taut.

Q3: How do I tie the end easily?

Simply form a loop and pull the needle inside. Then, using the needle, drag it through the cloth to hide the end before cutting it off. You could always tie a French knot and snip the end.

Q4: Is blanket stitch useful?

I think this stitch is a useful one for a number of reasons. First of all, it adds strength to your project. Secondly, it can be used to create interesting textures, especially in knitted fabrics. And finally, it’s a great way to add a little bit of detail to your projects. The best part is that you don’t need any special equipment to knit with the blanket stitch.


If you know how to knit, you know the blanket stitch. It’s a simple stitch to master and one of the most helpful in knitting. I demonstrated how to make a blanket stitch in this article. I am sure that you have learned the easy techniques and are now ready to make blanket stitches.

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