How to Applique on Embroidery Machine in 2022? Beginner Applique

Applique is a needlework technique that involves creating a design on one fabric and then pasting it onto another. It is commonly used in the decoration of garments. This method is widely used in the quilting industry, but it can be applied to any project.

I’ve been embroidering and quilting for more than 20 years, and I’ve seen a lot of embroiderers who are unsure about appliqué. We’ll go over how to appliqué on embroidery machine in this article. After reading this post, you will no longer need to use glue, a sewing machine, or freezer paper to attach the pattern.

Types of Applique


There are different applique types, but we will only discuss four main types.

1. Reverse applique:

How to Applique on Embroidery Machine

From its name, you can judge what it is about. Instead of stitching fabric shapes on the background, you layer the fabric and stitch a design on top. After sewing, cut the fabric pates to reveal the original shape beneath.

2. Raw Edge applique:

How to Applique on Embroidery Machine?

The background motif is exactly cut to the required size in this method. The edges are left raw, meaning they aren’t turned under to the back.

This method is thought to be faster than others. With a raw edge, you can make a variety of amazing shapes.

3. Smooth Edge applique:

How to Applique on Embroidery Machine?

A sewing machine is used to complete this type of appliqué. Stitching around the shape ties the edge of the fabric placed to the background, leaving a gorgeous thread that appears very neat and clean.

4. Multi-needle Hoop Applique:

How to Applique on Embroidery Machine?

This technique is rarely used because experts can only handle it. To complete the applique, you’ll need a multi-needle machine. You will use the machine to change thread colors as needed, and your design will be finished beautifully.

How to appliqué with an embroidery machine?

Step#1: Wash the fabric

It’s better to wash your fabric before making applique on it. After washing iron the fabric well, it will be helpful to remove all the wrinkles.

Step#2: Draw the design

Use embroidery software to draw a design on the paper. All the embroidery libraries come with the die line file. Choose the shape and print it out. Cut the exact shape of the design with the help of a scissor.

apllique with embroidery machine

Step#3: Applying stabilizer on design

Use a stabilizer according to the size of your design. Place a piece of fabric on the stabilizer and then place that paper design on them. Make sure you make three layers; stabilizer, fabric, and paper design. Then draw the same design on the fabric, cut the fabric accordingly throw away the paper.

embroidery machine applique

Step#4: Hoop the fabric and stitch

Hoop the fabric on which you want to paste the applique design. First, place the stabilizer on the back and hoop the fabric. The first thing you have to stitch is the die line on the fabric.

machine embroidery applique

Step#5: Place the fabric

After the die line is stitched, you will get the direction and place the design exactly on the stitches.

machine applique

Step#6 Start embroidering

After placing the design, start doing tack down stitch or zigzag stitch to fix the design on the fabric. Then you can embellish the design by adding different other things like a leaf on an apple.

How to applique with embroidery machine

These are the six steps, and the applique design is ready. Look how easy it is to make an appliqué design.

machine applique

Things you need for applique:

  1. Embroidery machine
  2. Stabilizer
  3. Embroidery thread
  4. Scissors
  5. Fabric (On which you want to applique)
  6. Colored fabric
  7. Iron (To remove wrinkles from fabric)

Tips for Machine Applique

  • It’s better to shrink the fabric before applique.
  • Iron the fabric well so that it does not show any wrinkles.
  • Make a line of stitching on the fabric before placing the applique. It will help you in finding where to place the applique rightly.
  • Precut the fabric with sharp embroidery scissors.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Can I applique with any machine?
Yes, you can do applique with any type of machine. This method will be applicable to all machine brands.
Is applique a difficult process?
It varies person to person. Applique with machine steps are very simple and easy, just you have to practise a liitle bit and you will have strong grasp.

Final Words:

This was all from the how to appliqué on embroidery machine. I am damn sure that your concept must be cleared, and you get the right way to applique using the machine. Above I have also written some tips to follow during applique. So enjoy your applique embroidery!!

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