Best Free Embroidery Design Websites in April 2023

The use of embroidery to create attractive designs on fabrics and garments is becoming incredibly popular. Especially youngsters are taking a great interest in it. I believe that the majority of embroiders have limited embroidery design ideas, and most of them embroider with the same or similar patterns that they are following since so long.

If you’re like them and are looking for new ideas, this post will be helpful. Throughout my 20-year embroidery career, I’ve used a variety of platforms to find new ideas. Today, I will tell you about websites where you can get embroidery designs for hand and machine embroidery.

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Embroidery design websites

Best Embroidery design websites:


Embroidery Design- Free embroidery patterns

embroidery design websites

From their name, you can realize that this website is totally working on embroidery patterns providing. Their website contains millions of new and updated designs. They provide excellent ideas for home and commercial embroidery. I am also currently their customer and have bought different products.

By using their advanced search, you can precisely find the design you are looking for. Their team has created a tool through which you will enter thread color, and they will show you the design accordingly.
You will get a safe online shopping environment at a reasonable price. They also provide discounted offers daily.

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Embroideres- amazing embroidery designs website:

If you are looking for free embroidery patterns, then this website will be best suited for you. They provide thousands of free and paid designs for professional and domestic usage.

This website didn’t demand any difficult subscription or other stuff; just go, select and download the design.
If you do not have embroidery software, no problem, they will also give you software to download on your PC for free.

Oregon patch works- machine embroidery design websites:

If you are looking for the best place to buy embroidery design, then you should not look anywhere else than They provide high-quality, unique designs and projects with tutorials. After buying some product from this website, you will be eligible to contact their highly knowledgeable staff and ask your queries.

Oregon patch works- templates for embroidery

I remember I have bought some designs from their website which were very beautiful and gave a wonderful result. One thing which I liked the most was their friendly staff who guide you wisely and provide a solution to every problem.

They also provide some free designs, but in my experience, paid designs are better.

Swak Embroidery- Best online embroidery designs:

Swak embroiders provide you with a bundle of 29 free designs just on the signup. Their website contains thousands of different high-quality files and templates, and the designs are compatible with all types of embroidery machines.

embroidery design websites

They do not demand any difficult or time-consuming download process; just click the download button, and the file will be on your device. You can find all types of designs for children, adults, fashion, and decoration. If you also want a software for embroidery, they will also provide you.

Embroidery Online- OESD embroidery designs

Embroidery Online- OESD embroidery designs

Embroidery online is a platform created by Oklahoma Embroidery supply and design(OESD). It is a leading embroidery design ad product creating industry in the market. Their library contains more than 70,000 unique and creative designs.

OESD brought a concept of freestanding lace, In-hoop projects, cutwork, jumbo design, reverse applique, quilting, and many other exciting ways to use an embroidery machine. They have a very experienced and kind staff which provides you with complete guidance and answer your queries.

One of my friends told me about them, saying that they use in-house and hand-picked artists to develop their designs. So I started with their 15 design, which gave excellent results. Following that, I ordered a large number of designs, which I am currently using.

Ibroidery- brother embroidery designs

embroidery machine design websites

You might have heard about brother embroidery machines. They also launched a website where they provide a bulk of embroidery designs. If you purchase their embroidery machines, they will give you free access to Ibroidery.

BunnyCup- Best Embroidery Patterns

BunnyCup- Best Embroidery Patterns

If you’re looking for designs for embroidering on children’s clothing, I can recommend a good website. BunnyCup is a website with designs for people of all ages, but the designs for children are awe-inspiring, in my opinion. Their designs are low-cost and high-quality, and they can be downloaded instantly.

Another advantage is that they have a lot of free designs and monthly sales where you can save up to 70%. Rather than purchasing a single design, try to buy a set of designs because they significantly discount bulk purchases.

I recently purchased a set of 12 patterns from their website because I have an order for embroidering caps for first-graders. I made a mistake during the purchase and got stuck in one step. Their expert team has been really helpful in guiding me in the right direction. So, their kind and helpful approach is another reason to suggest them.

DMC- Free patterns

DMC- Free patterns

The majority of people prefer free design rather than paying for it. But I’ll tell you about a website that offers premium design for free. Yes! DMC is the name of the website that offers free premium embroidery designs.

One of my friends recommended this website to me, and I was surprised to see the designs that cost me $5 to $10 can be downloaded for free. So take advantage of this opportunity and visit this website.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Is all design free on these websites?

No, not all of the designs on these websites are free to download. I’ll tell you a trick, go to all of the above-mentioned websites. Download all of the free designs available and combine them into one folder. As a result, you’ll have a large number of free patterns.

How to download embroidery design in the machine?

All of the websites provide you with .Zip file. As machines cannot unzip files, so you should first extract them into your PC or laptop.

Then copy the file to a USB device and connect it to the machine. Remember to use the correct file format in the machine, as my Brother SE600 allows.PES and .DST format.


These are some of the best embroidery design websites, both free and paid, that will give you unique and appealing designs and patterns. We have properly tested these websites, and used their files in our projects.

Open all of the websites, thoroughly examine them, and select the ones that you like the most. If you get stuck, simply contact the website’s customer service for quick support.

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