Difference between Cross Stitch and Embroidery

Embroidery is a very easy and exciting thing to do. Since technology has captured every part of life, old embroidery techniques have also changed, which makes it easier and attracts a number of people around the world.

Doing embroidery for more than 20 years, I have found that people’s concepts are not clear, and confused about different terms. So I decided to write on a basic but important topic; the Difference between Cross stitch and Embroidery.

Cross Stitch vs Embroidery


What is Cross Stitching?

The process of moving a needle from the back to the front of the fabric is called stitches. In its types cross- stitch is a famous type.

cross stitch vs embroidery

Cross stitch is a process of making a pattern in X-shaped stitches, and this type is also called counted cross stitch. You can stitch on polyester, rayon, cotton, linen, jute, and others. But in my opinion, Aida cloth will be the best fabric to cross stitch on because your pattern will be more visible on this fabric.

This embroidery type is considered the oldest, seen in the middle age. In historical pictures, you can see these stitches on many people’s clothes, especially women’s.

Cross stitch is further divided into three further types; Italian, Montenegrin, and long-armed. Italian and Montenegrin are called reversible, which means that the stitches look the same on both sides, front and back. They are different from others and are more difficult. Long armed cross stitch is clear from its name that one side of the cross is longer than the other.

cross stitch vs embroidery

When talking about the latest trend in cross-stitch, the demand for these stitches has increased in the market. The top retailers have experienced a 10-18% rise in their cross embroidery products. Moreover, as it’s becoming a traditional hobby, our youngsters are taking a great interest as seen in recent years. In the past, it was considered that cross stitch was women’s work, but now men are also addicted to it.

The overcome of technology badly effect cross stitching embroidery. Now machines can make a pattern in 5-10 minutes, and they can stitch every design and pattern. Now it’s your choice; you make cross stitch with hand or with the machine.

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the process of making patterns on fabrics with the help of thread. You can beautify your dresses, shirts, denim, caps, towels, baby clothes, pillow, etc. Embroidery is seen almost in every country. Embroidery symptoms have been seen in the early years, which tells us that it started in ancient times. In the China museum, an embroidered silk is placed, claiming to be of the 4th century.

Embroidery is done with the help of different components. The main part is the embroidery needle which comes in different types, and you have to choose according to your fabric. In the past, linen, silk, and wool were the commonly used fabrics on which embroidery patterns were made, but as time passes, cotton, rayon, and other fabrics came in their place.

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery was the first technique through which it takes started.difference between cross stitch and embroidery People were making a design on circle-shaped hoops with their hands for centuries, which was difficult and time-consuming. Until 2010, embroidery masters share their designs on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., attracting youngsters and showing great interest.

As the technology grows feet in the stitching market it results at the end of hand embroidery and replaced with machines.

Machine Embroidery

The manufacture of machine embroidery was called the great industrial revolution.difference between cross stitch and embroidery With the help of a machine, you only have to select a pattern in the machine and press the start button, and the machine will accurately stitch the same design on the fabric. This process attracts many people, especially women, as it is easy and consumes less time, so people started their embroidery business.

These machines can also make logos and monograms for your shirts and hats. For design selection and customization, you need proper software.

Benefits of Cross-stitch:

  • Stress-relieving Activity
  • Easy to do once you understand
  • Can stitch almost everything
  • Colorful activity
  • Versatile
  • Keeps you busy
  • Looks very beautiful

Benefits of Embroidery:

  • Makes you creative
  • Mindful activity
  • Make you a colors lover
  • Used for brand promotion
  • Can be a great business
  • Makes clothes beautiful


I have tried my level best to describe to you about what is difference between cross stitch and embroidery. The difference is in front of you, and I’m sure it will be beneficial to clear your concepts. Cross stitch and embroidery are widely used, and now it’s upon your interest which type you want to choose.

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